ULS Aims to Grow Other Minority-Owned Businesses with 2nd Annual Open House

2nd Annual Urban Exchange Event

Urban Lending Solutions (ULS), a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) held its 2nd  Annual Urban Exchange and Open House, aimed to grow other minority-owned businesses. In partnership with the Mountain Plains Minority Supplier Development Council (MPMSDC) and Ricoh Americas Corporation, ULS unveiled its 24/7, secure, closed-loop print, ship and mail environment built specifically for highly regulated industries such as utilities, healthcare and government that have variable data requirements.  The event will was held at its facility, located near Denver International Airport, November 19th from 3 pm to 7pm.

2nd Annual Urban Exchange Event 2015

2nd Annual Urban Exchange Event 20152nd Annual Urban Exchange Event 2015At the Urban Exchange and Open House, attendees were able to network with fellow minority-owned businesses, MPMSDC and Ricoh; hear from leadership at ULS and MPMSDC on trends in the diversity marketplace; participate in one-on-one interviews with leadership and tour ULS’ new state-of-the-art facility.  ULS, MPMSDC and Ricoh’s production print team developed this agenda to specifically address the challenges minority-owned businesses face and to share best practices and services to help them achieve further success in their respected industries.

“ULS’ success in the diversity channel can be attributed to working with local councils, such as the MPMSDC to help boost diversity awareness and drive new business opportunities,” said Chuck Sanders, Founder and CEO of ULS. “Stan Sena, CEO, and Belinda Hooks, President, of the MPMSDC work extremely hard to help ULS remain the thriving company it is today, reaching its diversity goal and ultimately growing our customer base.”

In previous years, ULS, a Corporate Plus Member® of the MPMSDC, spent more than 21 million with diverse suppliers and takes great pride in being listed as No. 23 in Black Enterprise Magazine’s Top 100 list as one of the fastest-growing, minority-owned companies in America.  As ULS grows and becomes more profitable, it will continue to be committed to increasing spending with diverse suppliers annually.  As other minority-owned businesses become profitable, they too are able to employ more people in the communities where they live and work.

ULS was listed as one of the top employers in Broomfield and No. 8 in Inc. Hire Power Awards as one of the top job creators in the U.S.  ULS is offering outsource solutions for our lending partners during the cyclical changes within the multi-trillion dollar mortgage and equity lending market.  ULS remains focused on providing its clients with the flexibility of outsourcing, not only to deal with government regulatory changes, but to meet influxes in loan volumes.   ULS has been servicing several major banking and insurance accounts, processing data within ULS’ security protocols and systems successfully for many years.  As a result, it has expanded its document fulfillment operations to clients in healthcare, utilities, oil and gas, higher education, and the government.

Several MBEs also participated such as Wystone’s World Teas, which provided catering, A Star Photography, and Corporate Member, Miller Coors.