Appraisal Management Services


Looking for a different type of AMC? Look no further than Urban Lending Solutions Appraisals, LLC (ULSA) – the premier provider for clients and appraisers seeking a true partnership with an AMC. Some of the benefits of working with ULSA include:

  • Nationwide valuation services provider
  • 25 years average experience of the ULSA management team
  • Flexible order management platform
  • Unparalleled report quality
  • Traditional, non-traditional, and customizable valuation solutions

ULSA values teamwork, excellence, and dedication. We believe in complete transparency to ensure the highest levels of service, quality, and panel management are consistently met by providing:

  • Custom reporting and 24/7 system access
  • Cost-plus pricing models to promote fee transparency
  • Appraiser to appraiser communication
  • Weekly pay cycles for appraisers
  • 100 percent manual review of all reports

ULSA offers a full suite of valuation solutions with expertise in retail, wholesale, consumer, FHA, REO, loss mitigation, residential, and commercial services. ULSA can also assist with appraisal report disclosure and delivery requirements for CFPB compliance.

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