Document Imaging and Indexing


The Risk

If your organization has not converted its documents to electronic records, you could be at risk. With ULS,  your document imaging and indexing capabilities can be managed effectively.

The Solutions

  • Convert, scan, image paper (both small and large) media into digital formats for effective management, resulting in greater efficiencies.
  • Extraction of data from images to provide data feeds of specific information contained within the images.
  • Create searchable and usable records by indexing information to create a retrieval database.
  • Convert extracted data from an image to a data file.
  • Receive a high level of productivity, reliability, and accuracy with new high speed scanners and state of the art capture software.
  • Accurately index and classify documents which can be uploaded to your workflow application.
  • Eliminate file cabinets and off-site storage with digital filing.

The Services

ULS’ services are comprised of imaging, document classification/manual indexing, and extraction and conversion of data from images to usable data files based off your requirements for document splitting and classification processes. Our goal is to establish a shared understanding of the business process and automation support across your company to better serve your needs.
ULS provides for retrieval of data from multiple sources, easy access to documents by proper classification and imaging, processed to ensure document identification, separation of multiple documents, clarity and accuracy, and reduction of paper storage by converting to digital documents. All imaging and indexing is quality checked. All blank images are erased.
ULS can support multiple indexing schemas. ULS will also provide access to designated users to inspect and classify documents that could not be classified by our process. ULS is currently performing these services on our own proprietary hardware.

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